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Elisa Féliz


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Full Name: Elisa M. Féliz Castillo

Location: Dominican Republic

City: Santo Domingo

Current Age: 23 years old

Contact: [email protected]


About Me:

MeElisa Féliz is a professional comic artist/writer, best known for her work in the comic series Charmed (comics) based on the TV show by CBS and published by Zenescope Entertainment. She has previously worked on series published by IDW Publishing, Girl Scouts of the USA and 803 Studios. Apart from working as a comic creator, Féliz also works as a professional web designer, concept artist, animator, game developer, music producer, Illustrator, photographer and graphic designer.

She's the owner and founder of the first Dominican comic books company, XSIDE Comics (www.xsidecomics.com) and also owns a clothing line called Elliz Clothing (www.ellizclothing.com).

As a comic artist, she's a penciller, colorist, inker, writer and letterer. She has also worked on titles such as "Womanthology: Heroic", "Dallas: The Gathering" (Based on the popular tv show), "Intrepid", and "Vilikon Chronicles", including some work done for the film based on this title.


Féliz was born in in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on march of 1988, started her career at the age of six by participating in national and international art competitions and working as a freelancer.

She got first published in 1998, at the age of 10 when her first comic strip was published by the main dominican newspaper, "El Listin Diario". She began working as a web designer and developer in 2003 and in 2006, became the the youngest person to be nominated to the "Arroba de Oro" (an international webdesign awards ceremony). She has been working as a graphic designer since 2005.

She broke into the comic book industry in USA in 2007 and in 2009 she registered her own comic book company, XSIDE Comics.

She's been working on films since 2007. Two of them being "Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil" by Silent Nemesis Workshop and "Xero Error" (The first CGI film from Dubai) by Xpanse CGI.

In 2008 Féliz moved to USA to attend the Kubert school of cartoon and graphic art (www.kubertschool.edu) in New Jersey. While she attended the school she continued her work in the Industry and her tours around conventions and international exhibitions. Aside from administrating her companies, she's currently working as a penciller for Zenescope and doing other freelance work for the industry.



*Zenescope Entertainment
- Charmed (comics) Season 10 (Penciller)
* Girl Scouts of the USA
- Your Multi-Gen Workforce (Penciller/Inker/Letterer)
* IDW Publishing
- Womanthology Volume 1: Heroic (Penciller/Inker)
* CreateSpace
- Womanthology Heroic Sketchbook (Pencils/Sketches)
< * Silent Nemesis Workshop
- Villikon Chronicles: Proclivity #5 (Penciller)
- Dallas: The Gathering #2,9 (Penciller/Colorist)
* Speakeasy Primates
- Knight Reavers #1 (Penciller/Inker)
* MC Studios
- RX Tales (Penciller/Inker/Writer)
* XSIDEComics
- Alice In Nightmareland (Writer/Penciller/Inker/Colorist)
* 803 Studios
- K.I.P.: Knowledge Is Power (Colorist)


* Girl Scouts of the USA
- Your Multi-Gen Workforce (Penciller/Inker)
* Silent Nemesis Workshop
- Villikon Chronicles: Proclivity #2,3,5 and 6 (Penciller)
- Dallas: The Gathering #2,9 (Penciller/Colorist)
* MC Studios
- RX Tales (Colorist)


* 2013 - The Amelia Bloomer Book List (Womanthology: Heroic)
* 2010 - The Art of Xero Error (Xpanse CGI) Xero Error Competition
* 2003 - Concurso "Dibuja el baseball" (Cuadernos Apolo)
* 2000 - Concurso de dibujo "Preserva el medio ambiente"
* 1998 - Concurso de dibujo "Preserva el medio ambiente"
* 1997 - Concurso "Navidad de Colores" (Revista Al Compás del Listín Diario)
* 1996 - Concurso de dibujo "Barquito Bon" (Helados Bon)
* 1996 - Concurso relata una historia
* 1995 - Concurso "Navidad de Colores" (Revista Al Compás del Listín Diario)


* 2006 - Arroba de Oro (7 websites) (www.arrobadeoro.com)


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