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What do you think about my site?
It's the best site ever.
It's simply excellent.
I think it's really cool.
I like this website.
I don't like the website.


My Sites:

Elliz Clothing
This is my own online clothing store. It offers a cool and modern urban apparel. You can also find accesories and footwear.

No Crap Please!
This is my videosharing site where you'll find a lot of videos to watch online for free, including full movies, tv shows, anime, cartoons, etc. I made this website for people who is tired of searching through piles of junk before finding that specific videos they want. So if you're sick of those video sharing sites full of noobs and they're low quality stuff, then you'll rather join this one.

This is the link to this site. It can also be found typing elisafeliz.tk

XMS Games
On this site you can find console games reviews and downloads, comics, flash animations, my games, cool artwork, webtools and a lot more. You can join our community and invite others to join.

Xtreme Media Studios
This is the site of my enterprise. XMS works with media, webdesign, gamemaking, comunications, communities and a lot more. We work in website administration and maintenence.

Habbo Cheat Zone
This site is for people that plays habbo (www.habbohotel.co.uk). On this site you can find habbo cheats, screenshots, alterations and a cool forum where you can meet other habbos and contact them.

My online journal
This is my online journal. You can post messages and comments and you can leave some short messages on the shoutboard. You can read my cool profile and some interesting news i use to post.

Hypnotiq 07
This is the Hypnotiq 07 official site. It offers a whole community service, unlimited file uploads and webtools related to Hypnotiq 07. This site is in spanish and it's free to use, but it's meant for the use of Hypnotiq 07 only.